Nettoyage et décontamination de bâtiments - Montréal (CA)

HYGIENACTION INC is a company with more than 10 years of experience in the decontamination field. We cater to all your needs, whether you are a professional or just an individual customer, and we are located in Montréal.

You've detected the presence of molds in your home or in your premises recently? Act now and contact us at HYGIENACTION INC! We offer high quality mold removal and prevention services and also dry ice blasting as well as decontamination. Additionally, we can work with your insurance company if you are covered. Our friendly professionals are always disposed to listen to your needs.

The team of Hygienaction is quick and efficient. Contact us if your walls, floors or ceilings are tarnished with unpleasant stains and a foul smell of mold is emanating from certain areas of your home or premises. We intervene quickly, and we put our expertise and extensive experience at your service to solve all the problems

Hygienaction in Montréal, is at your service.